Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once upon a time. . .

Once upon a time, i never believed in marriage. I told everyone how i abhor that very 'thing' and it should be confiscated from the 'guidebook', the one that are set to be propagated to every mankind. Like a tradition. . .I told everyone, there is no way i am gonna get myself bound to someone, eternally, while carrying a mass of oath upon my shoulder. Never . You know why? It's because i was confined in a circle, where broken strings were mingling around my waist. I was 14/15 when my parents got divorced. And i was breathing in an era where, the wives aren't happy with the husbands. Cheating, unhappy, broken , you name it. Well, that was once upon a time . .

I was young and ignorant. I never believed in love. As i let my thoughts unstained, scrubbing it with my eyes wide open, i know love isn't mythical. I witnessed a few lovers, who were already at the verge of their life, where their breathe is already at ease. Yet, i can still see, like the spark is still burning fresh, you can tell , how madly they are in love, still is. That was the most ravishing thing i ever had my eyes set on. Which really thumped me hard. . Not everybody could sense that very feeling. So i swallowed back the words i've hurled once, i know marriage does exist. Good or bad, its how pure your love is to someone that clarifies everything. I should not be punishing myself by those farcical beliefs i've shaped once.

But , look around you. Once upon a time, the couples you've seen were falling head over heels for each other, now, they couldn't even get their hands embraced with one another. Marriage is marked as the most exquisite thing in one's chapter in life, why bother getting it contaminated?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life . . .

Hello readers, to the ones that read my gibberish posts habitually. I have been away from composing because i had this 'writer's block' thing. Its blooming like a tumor.

For the past couple of weeks, all windows were opened for me to fathom more about life. I had my eyes wide open along with my heart and mind this time. All this while, there was a blanket of dark clouds, covering above my head. There were fences built around me, like a hindrance to the sunny weather everyone had praised so much . I was caught in a snare where everything is so dark and dreary. I couldn't smile, yes , i wasn't happy.

Then , i let my thoughts linger again. The only problem was me. I was the one who constructed all those redundant fences that i couldn't even cross over. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You gotta fight for it, strive for it, and you have to seek for it. They don't come to you, you are the one who have to take hold of it and never let go. Of course, i had my grip clenched tight once, but then it became slippery, so i lost all my beliefs. It was scattered everywhere. People took their life for granted. They thought life is all about having fun. Trying everything that you can possibly be getting. Smoke pots, drunk every night , etc. But have you ever thought, is that the reason why we live? To have fun ? Think again . . .

Life isn't all about moving on from a guy, or love . There's a lot more in life that are waiting to be discovered. You just gotta move your ass and trudge forward. Who said life is ever easy?