Sunday, August 15, 2010

untitled. ( fiction )

The night was purely exquisite. Stars sprinkled on the horizon with an appealing full shaped moon in between. I felt the soft wind in my hair, greeting me with a friendly figure. It was everything but perfect. I was getting numb with the chill of the night, my bone starts to ache , until i'd sense a burning heat behind my waist. The kind of heat that could melt every solids in my body.

'You shouldn't be standing here all alone, love.' Those words dangled in my eardrums, familiar voice that made my heart skipped a beat every single day. The voice that i longed for every second of the day. Obsessive music to my ears. I flexed my muscles on both ends of my mouth, gratitude of having the love of my life with me.

My fingers crawled blindly and finally met the gaps between his. Perfect combination, like it has always been. I settled myself around his muscly arms, feeling cozy. It was significantly even better than my bed.

' I know. I was hoping that you'd come sooner. '

I cleared the lump that stuck in my throat, as an attempt to make it less vulnerable for me to speak. I turned myself around, opposing him this time, waist still embraced neatly by his muscular arms. He owns a body of an athlete, never fail to impress me with its snugness especially during this time. His brown hair was pushed backwards by the wind , like the models in those magazines, even better.

From his bulky lips to his nose, my eyes finally drew a line at his dark brown eyes, which triumphantly killed the army of strength in me. I felt the gravity under my feet that tugs me closer to its stomach. My knees tremble, preparing for a major fall. I knew he was the one to be blamed for this insanity.

For a second there, the exquisite scene of the night was trounced by this divine man. If only looks could kill, i would definitely be lying on my death bed already. As if he was perfectly carved by god himself, in heaven with angels circulated around his waist. I'd always thought that he was far too good to be true. At least, too good to be true for me. .

'I'll miss you. Do you really have to go ? ' I had to constrain the words out. My breathe was ceased, made it harder for me to say another word. I tried holding the tears from falling but my vision was getting hazy. Almost painful to keep it from blinking.

Nate is in the military force. Every once in a while, he will be called for duty. Most of the time, he will be spending his weekends at random places, Iraq, Afghanistan and more. He offered himself for that job, as he had always loved to help those poor souls. It took me years to accept his job, but it was never easy . Half of the day, i'd be busy praying for his safety, another half, i'd be crashing myself on my bed accompanied by tears, with hopes that the day would end soon. My life is meaningless and entirely worthless when he is not around. Its like living life without a soul inside.

'Yes baby. I am sorry. I had no other options, love. You know i'll miss you too. ' He was already brushing the tears that i didn't realize its existence, with his warm fingers that landed on my cheeks. I closed my eyelids, trying to stop the tears again. I was running out of words, speechless . I crashed myself on his broad chest, the only place that has the ability to make me feel comfortable and secure.

'Please don't cry sweetheart' He sounded guilty. 'I promise i'll be back before you even know it.' I'd tell there was a weakish smile imposed at the end of the sentence. He tried so hard to sound as persuasive as he can just to make me feel better. It worked well before this, but not now, not this time.

Letting him go this time was harder than i'd expected. It was not only for a weekend or two like he usually did, but it was for 6 consecutive months. I was losing fortitude to even breathe. My heart almost stopped beating. It was impossible. Impossible for me to pull myself together without a part of me. I couldn't stop myself from picturing my life without him by my side. It was a fatal decision for me to make and this is madness. Either way, there were no other options left. The only road that was not yet taken is to let go of him and see him in 6 months time. I wanted him to be there, with me, not thousands of miles away from me. Although it was a part of his responsibility, to help people in need, those hapless souls that needed him, i couldn't let him go. He is mine. Mine . .

to be continued.

written by,

sara lisa


Anonymous said...

nice writing sara lisa .ade kena mengena with u?

sara J said...

thanks =) uhh not really haha

Anonymous said...

thought so

sara J said...

lol why? -_-

Anonymous said...

just a feeling haha.but cool fiction. keep it up bro!

Anonymous said...

nice one babe. you are really talented you knoe :)

sara J said...

haha ah coz it sounded cliche' and exaggerating. btw thankss =)

Anonymous said...

its not cliche ..its sweet! haha

sara J said...

sweet la sangat haha

Anonymous said...

saraaaaaaa! MAKE SURE THIS TIME U FINISH UR FICTION. selalu to be continued. lepas tu tak sambung2. ishh

- liyana

sara J said...

haiyoo haha ill try babe

Anonymous said...

sweet to me.

Ruhil Rosley said...

wah wah wah, menusuk kalbu, hahhahah