Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chronicle of a fairytale

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It has nothing to do with my entry . haha

Love and Relationship ? Maniacal twosome that are pregnant with delirious wonder. Perfect combination to unlatch one's vigilant mind from sanity. We have been warned by those 'authors' above us. As a precaution to flip the caution sign on.

From a break up to another , i had my dark moments. Moments where the dark side clouded my destiny and white flags were waving arrogantly on the air. I questioned my fate to my friends, and they gave me text book answers. They proposed me a guidebook to get myself back on shape. I was stunned with how words don't need to sweat at all while action is just fatal. To commit an action was like committing a suicide.

It was all in the handbook. The rules had been set by cupid since dinosaurs first made love. Cheating, divorce, break ups, marriage , etc. . Each of them had their own page to scribble in the handbook. Every mankind had different situations, but same meaning . Different adjectives but same subjective.

For the modern generation, everyone wants a perfect relationship. Like the ones that chronicled as fairy tales that always had happy endings. Do you know that you can make it happen still? Stop living in such bad romance and spice up with better ingredients this time.

Here's a little suggestion. For guys, start tutoring yourself with lessons to be loyal. Hold her, be there for her, take the risk, loosen your ego. Girls were designed with such velvety heart by god. One miniature thing you did could give her a mega and everlasting impact. Do whatever it takes to wrap her face with laughter. Priceless. When she is at her lowest, tighten your grip and push her from the back. Be the jacket to her soul, provide the best security to keep her secured. Keep your promises. And lastly, show her that you are the man. And a true man doesn't land their hands on their girls. =)

For girls, start lessen up your selfishness and be considerate. Stop being too fussy. Relationship doesn't involve on one party only. Start playing your roles and responsibility. They have feelings too. They're not some dildo for you to play with. Hold him , be there for him, let him know that you can be trusted. By the way girls, they are not your financial support or your city bank. Sucking their money out is a severe thing to do.

I guess, i need to push a fullstop for this entry now. See you soon. Thanks for reading


a to the r to the a said...

danny's gonna be thrilled reading this one :) nice words bitch

sara J said...


sara J said...


Ruhil Rosley said...

i really hate this words and i took that back coz this words really screaming inside of me. i feel despair and hurt when how this words really can hurt me...

sara J said...

what do u mean babee?