Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ah i am not good in giving titles

Not so long ago, my bed time stories were about love. My ears were always at ease, keeping my heart and mind open to that kind of talk, knowing how beautiful the love stories can be. For instance, my aunt met my uncle at McD, they were fighting all the way. Two complete strangers fighting over a table. At the end of the day, they fell in love, they had their happily ever after. Sweet. Back then, love stories were painted with vivid colors. Now, well i believe everyone met their partner on facebook. The dull love story painted with only black and white.

To drench you with my awes, traditionally, guys were the ones that had to trudge the first pace. What about now? I am baffled by the tradition as i witness girls nowadays are the one chasing after guys. I, on the other hand, never really asked a guy out, or ask for their numbers even. I don't know if i am living in a deserted life on my own, maybe i haven't really getting myself updated with today's cultures. So, readers, tell me. If you are sticking with the tradition or you are complying the new one? Feel free to leave it here / inbox. As you wish .

Perhaps, the tradition is an ancient egyptian stories that has finally been buried along with the mummies. Moving on.

Another interrogation that i'd like to propose is that. . uhh how do i put this in a digestible sentences. My confidence are rather been so shaky lately. Afraid, if it might caved in or something. So, i googled ways to make do of that. And this is one of the panacea. Answer this. What do you think of me? Friends!!! Kinda need help here =D


Anonymous said...

You are an awesome writer with a good heart.Saw you the other day.Helping the two beggars out.I am so proud that the earth still hv ppl like you. Stay sweet, stay loud.Once they get to know u, they'd LOVE you!!

- Loyal reader

sara lisa said...

woah that was quick haha thanks a lot! that is just tooooooooooo sweet! ="DD

ara YAW! said...

=) sticking to the traditional ancient sweetstuffs sara.but who can plan better than god kan.lovestory or no lovestory,its just too subjective to explain.<3

sara lisa said...

thought sooo! haha

Rebelle Me said...

i agree if one said that you are a good writer.. you are too good to be truth! (:

and i like the way you express your feelings.. you don't throw hatred even though you are that broken heart person..

love is complicated when we complicate it.. (: i keep on tradition.. i'm too shy to ask for a date or ask his phone number.. (:

sara lisa said...

thank you again rebelle! so muchhh. ur too kind. =")

true enough. ill stick with the tradition. hehe =D

Ruhil Rosley said...

i always have this kinda problem.
how i'm always surrounded by friends who actually is not single except me.
and being caught by that feeling, i was trying desperately to get a guy.
but seriously it was suck and don't ask me the rest of it.
at the end of the day, just go with the flow.
my dad told me that love will come when u're really ready.
i think he's right coz i am not actually to have that kind of relationship.

sara lisa said...

agreed babee . that is what my mum said toooo. =D