Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spell meant to be broken

The sense of grateful intensified as i flipped through the modernized chapter of my life. The fresh scent of it diffused around the room, making me feel vibrant too. I can only engrave the most sincere smile on my face, sighing with relief. The agony has finally blown away , becoming another ancient history for me. It has reached its expiry date and now the table turns. I am the lucky winner for now. Enough said.

After a year and several months of falling for a guy that i doubt his existence, i am beginning to fathom in depth how foolish i was to be in love with his words, not him. You see, i can only love someone that i feel comfortable with. A guy that had something wrong with his brain. A guy that i can be so damn spoiled with, be scolded and whatnot. Yeah, that. He had everything. except, he was never really there. No dates, no phone calls. We had a bizarre love story. Hands down. Exquisite words hurl at the right time right place. Making me attached to him even more. Until, few months back when i could feel my heart fractured, with breaking sound when i spotted the same words we shared, has been sprinkled to other girls. With the s. I am a good stalker. =D

Yeah, love is like a battlefield. I was fighting for it, defending our love but he betrayed me. I felt as if my heart got struck by an arrow. I turned cold. Living without a heart for a while was like living without a soul. I never really gave up but my heart already surrendered. Its over. He wanted to work things out but he never did. I just waited for him, waiting for a miracle to emerge. Our love had finally ceased away and maybe, it wasn't love after all. I am over him, its over.

It has been months since i uttered those three words. ' i love you'. Maybe, you won't hear me saying that ever again.

Its a spell i just casted. No more saying that world until a true prince charming could break that spell. I believe in fairy tales. Let it be that way. Chow for now people!


guess who ! said...

fuhhh u hve no idea how rliveee am i now soo glad tht you'r over him now,like in total sara <3 haha yeah maybe no more ily or anythg like tht but u can teman me flirt with surferss in penang later ayte?haha i need a bf hahaha <3 u u knw u can count on meee honeyyy take care and lose kgs alright

sara lisa said...

ilyt babe!