Friday, October 7, 2011

The world is a stage

While the cloud was shedding tears, my mind was shedding thoughts. I rolled my eyes to every possible angle i could get, trying to scrutinize my surrounding.. And the aftermath was nothing but an ounce of misery..

The world is a stage.. And we are the players.. Every and each one of us has a role to play.. 

Most of us, may be the lucky ones.. Some of us, are living in heaven on earth.. We have a family.. We have a shelter.. We have food.. We have a home.. Some of us may have more than just one home.. We can indulge our wants.. Some can afford Ferrari, Lambo.. Lucky bitches.. 

And then there are other roles. The unfortunate ones.. Who get to live life differently.. Some of them were born to be an orphan, born with diseases, born with no hands or no legs, born with no senses, born with no face.. okay that's just too much.. So on and so forth.. No family.. no home.. no food.. Yes, they exist.. And like us, believe it or not, they have feelings too. They can cry. They need the needs that we need. 

The thought of them really oozed me with sadness.. But then my heart soothed a bit and i smiled.. The lucky ones in this world are not always lucky later on in the hereafter and these unfortunate ones.. With a bit of patience, they belong to no where else but the heaven.. The paradise that god created himself..

Sometimes i wonder, why do we have to take life so seriously when we are going to die anyway? This is not real. This is just a test. Some stage. Yet, most of us, live life like this is the only life we are gonna have.. It's not..

And before you feel sorry for these people, you should feel sorry for yourself.. For letting them live at the side of the street this way.. Some of them are old enough to be your parents or grandparents,  and some of them are young enough to be your siblings.

When you see these people.. Don't just look at them and feel sorry.. Help them.. They don't need your sympathy..

And dear assholes who tend to hurt them some more, give them insults instead of lending your hand.. You should probably start burning yourself now.. You know, practice makes perfect. 

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